Improving sexual performance using Cordyceps mushroom

Cordyceps sinensis

In China the miracles of the Cordyceps sinensis are known for more than 1000 year, where it gained the status of a “National Medicinal Treasure”. The mushroom was discovered in Tibet and Nepal by local tribes that were herding their yaks in pastures of high altitude.
The yaks would dig the ground with their hoofs to expose roots and mushrooms which included the Cordyceps. The herdsmen observed that although the yaks were grazing in high altitudes in which the oxygen level is low, they did not slow down their activity (a typical phenomenon to high altitude low oxygen conditions) and even showed increased sexual activity. The herdsmen that observed the increased sexual activity of the yaks tried to find the source of this energetic activity and then discovered the Cordyceps. After  boiling the mushroom in hot water they iscovered that their cardio-pulmonary stamina was improved and they suffered from less respiration diseases.
Thereafter, the word of the Cordyceps merits spread rapidly all over China. The Emperor doctors  acquired the miracle mushroom, and the Emperor was so impressed by the effects of the mushroom on his energy level and increased sexual drive and performance that he decided to covet it for himself, and since the mushroom is very rear he set an imperial decree stating that each discovered mushroom must be delivered to the  empyreal  courts by law, and proclaimed it as an empyreal mushroom.

The Cordyceps mushroom increases the energy and vitality levels when consumed on a regular basis. The mushroom does not increase the blood pressure, but still strengthen and protect the heart and the blood vessels.

Unlike other medicinal herbs, the Cordyceps mushroom increases the energy levels in a moderate and consistent fashion, and its effects do not decline when the mushroom levels in the blood decrease, in contrast to medicinal herbs of the Ginseng family, herbs that contain caffeine and so forth.

According to tradition, the Cordyceps mushroom is used to strengthen the kidneys. In Chinese medicine the kidneys are related to strengthening the overall energy levels of the body and also the sexual function in both men and women.

In light of the copious documentation in Oriental medicine of the Cordyceps mushroom success in treating; lack of sexual desire, infertility, decreased libido and sexual dysfunction, scientist from Japan, China and other Western countries started to study the mushroom activity.

When  the Cordyceps mushroom is consumed for several weeks the sexual drive  is increased.
Scientists that examined the mushroom components found that the Cordyceps activates mechanisms that are similar to those activated by sex hormones. In 1995 an experiment performed in a Japanese laboratory demonstrated that Cordyceps extracts suppress muscle contractions in the penis area and in a tissue that is called “corpus cavernosum” that contain the blood vessels and muscles that participate in stiffening the organ. During sexual arousal, blood is flowing to this sponge like tissue, collected, and cause erection. Chinese doctors that were educated in the west performed many experiments on the Cordyceps effect on masculine impotency.

In a research performed at Huashan hospital, Chinghai, China, the Cordyceps effect on 286 impotent men was tested. 183 of the patients reported an improvement in their sexual performance and sex life after 40 days of taking 1gr Cordyceps, three times a day.

At the Endocrinology institute of Chingai 50 patients suffering from impotency were treated with Cordyceps for 40 days. In this study,  13 of the men reported full recovery of sexual functions and 20  reported a feeling of sexual arousal and achieving full erection.

How does the Cordyceps mushroom assist in improving sexual functioning?

  • Strengthening and balancing the hormonal system
  • Improving the blood flow into the sex organs
  • Strengthening the heart and blood vessels
  • Strengthening and balancing the kidney functions and increasing the |Ging energy that is accumulated in the kidneys, which according to Chinese medicine is responsible for sexual function, among other things