Breast Cancer

Many factors are correlated to higher  risk of  cancer. Not all the factors can be controlled or changed, for example age or cancer predisposition, but others most certainly can be controlled.  our mission to educate the public on the preventing measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of suffering from cancer and/or improving the chances of recovering from it. It has to be understood that when dealing with a disease that science has not fully deciphered as yet, all measures available to us must be taken.


1 – Diet – the food we consume affect our health, many of us do not put enough effort for changing their lifestyle and  diet . It is recommended for everyone, and particularly for those who were diagnosed with cancer, to check their eating habits. Some recommendations are to avoid industrial  foods, fried food, white sugar and its derivatives, salt and fat from living creatures. Since food can increase the risk for developing cancer, it can also assist in preventing and treating it. Educate yourself about anti-cancer diets, and also  meet a clinical nutritionist specializing in diets for cancer patients.

2 – exercise your  body and soul – Physical exercise is essential for the proper function of the body; perform regular exercise. It is recommended to do Yoga, Tai-Chi or another relaxing physical exercise. Integrative clinics for cancer patients that combine physical activity with chemotherapy show impressive results.

3 – Educate yourself about integrative treatments – Since no “magic” treatment for cancer exists as yet, it will do no harm to recruit additional help from other health systems. There are doctors out there who are more open in their approach for cancer treatment that will listen to your questions about complementary therapies on the eye level, and will help you to find the way to the right treatment for you. Remember, we are not
the product of a mass production line and each body is different, every soul is different.

4 – Know that there is a hope – many cancer patients recover from the disease, including those that science gave up on them, but they did not gave in, and they are alive and happy to these days… There is a hope.

5 – Avoid agents that facilitate the disease – contamination, radiation, chemical materials, physical inactivity and  un balanced diet are all cancer agents that can be changed; Make the change because you worth it.

Mycolivia Medicinal Mushrooms and cancer

The founders of “Mycolivia Medicinal mushrooms” established their company while treating their father that suffered from incurable cancer, and their grandmother that suffered on the same time from breast cancer. One of the brothers who is a medicinal chemistry graduate decided to find a cure for his father disease. After countless hours of studying the literature and consulting with professionals from both the conventional and alternative medicine fields, he realized that cancer treatment requires a conceptual change. He had read in many studies that medicinal mushrooms and their extracts can be used as an additional front for fighting cancer. The medicinal mushrooms have no side effects, they are safe to use and many studies confirm their ability to assist in fighting cancer and even improve the activity of conventional treatments. In fact, after a long study of the report of the UK Research Center that encourage the use of medicinal mushrooms for cancer treatment, and after finding out that the Japanese medical system (the equivalent of the government medical insurance) includes mushroom extracts in its treatment basket that is subsidized by the Japanese government, he decided to give both his father and grandmother mushroom extracts and also to concentrate on the study of medicinal mushrooms for the benefit of cancer patients and the general public. Three years later, Mycolivia Medicinal Mushrooms was founded – a company that specializes in growing, producing and developing food supplements from medicinal mushrooms only.

Medicinal mushrooms and polysaccharides

Medicinal mushrooms produce unique compounds that include various polysaccharide types that have a proven activity on the immune system. Various polysaccharides are used in cancer treatment that includes extracts of the Miitake, Shiitake and the Tremtes versicolor mushrooms.

Medicinal mushrooms – research and recommended reading material.

Medicinal mushrooms tested for treating cancer includes:



Trametes versicolor


Pleurotus austratus

Agaricus blazei

For additional information you search in Google the string “u.k cancer research medicinal mushrooms” and read the report of the England Cancer Institute.

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