The story of mycolivia
 medicinal mushrooms

Mycolivia’s story begins with two brothers, Nachsol and Jacob Cohen, on a mission to find a cure for their ailing father who was diagnosed with stage four multiple myeloma cancer.

In 2009 they discovered the world of medicinal mushrooms. They were fascinated by the magnificent abilities of the medicinal mushrooms to support a variety of health situations. Witnessing the great effect of medicinal mushrooms on their father, they decided to establish Mycolivia.

Since then Nachshol and Jacob have collaborated with well-known physicians, naturopathic doctors, mycologists, chemists and pharmacists to develop a line of natural supplements based on medicinal mushrooms that would help patients in their battle.

R&D and  production

Mycolivia Medicinal Mushrooms is an Israeli research and development company which constantly strives to improve its mushrooms cultivation and extraction technologies. Mycolivia Medicinal Mushrooms has production centers both in Israel and in China.
The production centers are equipped with highly professional cultivation and inspection equipment that ensures premium quality for its products.
The advanced equipment and technologies allow Mycolivia to control the entire production process, from the Original culture to the final product including the growth, selection, drying, cleaning, extraction and storage.

Quality control

The production of Mycolivia’s Medicinal Mushrooms extractions is subject to the highly strict ISO9001:22000 and GMP standards, and certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health. In addition, the products are inspected by third party laboratories to ensure quality control and make sure that the customer will receive the best possible highly concentrated products.



Trametes Pure

Shiitake Pure

Reishi Pure

Myco Woman

Myco Protect

Maitake Pure

Cordyceps Pure

Myco System

Myco Therapic

Agaricus Pure

Certifications & Quality simbols


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